Ashburn Express

This computing powerhouse, unrivaled in the world for its density of network, cloud and data centers thrives on improvements in latency and bandwidth scale, to match the unprecidented growth. Team USA FIBER recognized the market challenges on the existing fiber paths serving Ashburn from Maryland and beyond today. Those routes are typically being physically routed through Washington DC and then back up through Northern Virginia into Ashburn. Those paths add significant latency and network risk to applications and data traveling from Montgomery County, Howard County, Baltimore and beyond throughout the Northeast. The Ashburn Express uniquely builds a new underground low latency path directly from Ashburn, VA to Baltimore, MD. The fiber path bores under the Potomac River bypassing Washington DC entirely and reduces latency in excess of 25% versus many of the existing routes today. This reduction of distance, combined with unique right of way that bypasses Washington DC and the availability of new state of the art fiber optic cable now allows for businesses and government customers to connect directly to Ashburn’s peering fabric, cloud platforms and private data centers without regeneration equipment and significant improvements in performance.


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