Dark Fiber Overview

Concerned about the growth of network bandwidth in the era of cloud? Concerned about network security? Concerned about the agility of your current network infrastructure to handle multiple protocols and network changes?

USA FIBER can bring fiber to your network, dark fiber that is. Dark Fiber offers you dedicated strands of fiber between your network equipment with no restrictions on transmission protocols, speed, configuration and equipment. The private network strands support wave division multiplexing (WDM) and all industry standard protocols including Ethernet, SONET, and IP. Your business controls the network equipment and what is transmitted over the fiber, not the fiber provider. Dark Fiber has been used to help carriers, government and enterprise customers create secure, scalable networks for the last 20 years. Today’s fiber being built and managed by USA FIBER offers clients the ability to enable state of the art networks including 100G deployments with leading equipment providers like Ciena, Cisco, Fujitsu, Adva, Juniper and more.



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